Saturday, 2 July 2011

This is the result of weeks of research to find the lost Aviation fuel depot in Buxton that was the template for Much Wenlock

There is still a way in but it looked tight and I have pulled my shoulder so didn't fancy getting the ropes out

Located in a worked out limestone quarry the depot was one of two in the country which was designed and built artificially underground as protection from enemy air attack.

Horseshoe section tanks 100 feet long were assembled on the hard quarry floor and covered with concrete arches to support overburden of waste quarry stone.

The depot was built in two stages:

Stage 1 - D2 tanks total capacity 20,000 tons.

Stage 2 - Eight horizontal D2 tanks 30'-6" diameter by 179' long. Total capacity 20,000 tons.

A good rail connection ran nearby and there would have been a siding to enable transfer by rail tanker train.

The remains of pillbox at the entrance (filled in)

The fence remains

This entrance is buried under lime dust but could be dug out, sliding over the mound the top of the door was just visible

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