Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Colliery and Mine

I'm not going to give away where this is on a public site as it took me ages to dig the mine entrance out enough that I could crawl in.

Initially I headed over to see the quarry and colliery but after walking around I noticed the top of a brick arch that was begging to be investigated.

After shifting a few rocks I could see in and it opened out right behind where it had been filled in, 30 minutes and a few rocks and slabs later and I had enough room to slide in :thumb

I wasn't expecting to head underground so I only had my headlamp and a torch on me :( so I didn't get many pics in the mine.

anyway on with the pics

The white coating on the walls glistened like it was metallic

I couldn't find any signs of these rocks falling from the roof or walls so I pressed on

After walking/stooping for 30 minutes I decided to head out until I had more light

I marked the spot with a lonely candle

I then decided to walk over to the colliery

This was as narrow as it looked but it gave access to the tower

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Jamrag culvert and drain

After looking it seems no one else has been down this culvert and connecting drains so by the power vested in me i now pronounce you Jamrag culvert and drain!

I needed to go to Morrisons for a baccy so decided to pop down the culvert that runs next to it, after an eight foot climb down embankment ( I took rope ) I was face to face with the first drain which I decided not to head down as I was clearly visible from the car park

It's only a small culvert and has a distinct lack of features.

Almost at the end of the culvert there was a drain, it was large enough for me to crawl down so before I had thought about it I was about 5 foot inside.

This is where the smell of crap hit me and the jamrag was hanging taunting me with it's filth

At the end there was a sluice gate that I'm glad was closed

I though I had a way out but the cover wouldn't budge

I ended up heading back up the river to the rope, I decided to leave the first drain until I forget the smell of the other drain.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hanging Flat Mine

I'll start this report with a question, Why are people always shagging when I pop my head up out of a hole in the ground?

Hanging Flat has an tight entrance down a mud slide so not a good start but once inside it opens out to about 6 - 7 foot height, There are fake boulders all over from an old doctor who episode which was the start of a strange mine.

Walking down the mine splits left and right with a rusted milk churn and digger scoop on the right and a fairly easy walk on the left.

I headed down on the left to the end which was un-eventful besides the mine cart.

The right was dodgy, there were signs of a recent roof collapse towards the end so I decided to head out.

The exit is an arse ache, crawling up a mud bank with the roof a foot from the floor with a bag and two cameras is not fun, once I got out a car and a van were parked up with the occupants going at it in the van

Pics below as always

Bit of an unusual find in a mine

A mine cart

A digger scoop wtf?

This is the voice of the mysterones

Then I come out to find people shagging AGAIN!