Thursday, 15 September 2011

Buxton Culvert 2

Starting on Lightwood road the entry was easy into the culvert and straight away it was different to all the other culverts in the area.
The roof started with poured cement and steal beams but ahead I could see a brick arch

The brick section lasted for about 100 foot and gave way for a rough rock construction that was stoopy and knee deep

Getting out there were two small stoopy box culverts then an arched bridge into the park

If your ever in the area check it out, it's only a twenty minute walk but has some interesting features

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hayfield Culverts


Parking in the centre of the town I got a few odd looks putting the wellys on
I had marked the spots on gmaps app on my phone and headed off for the first culvert

Rather than go up the stream I decided to start on the other side of town and follow the flow of the stream

First off was the nice little subway which is in no way urbex related but I like the pic

The first culvert was a short stoopy affair but I wasn't going to let that put me off as I knew there was better ahead

Then it was onto the main reason I was there

The silt was deep and pretty soon I was thigh deep in the wet stuff with fish jumping around my feet and spiders hanging above my head, I didn't get many pics as I spent the next half an hour trying to keep my camera dry and avoid the eight legged beasts

I emerged across town near the car park

Long Hill Culvert

Driving home I spotted a stream heading under the road so I decided to have a look.

The culvert was so much more than I expected

heading in the arch revealed a brick culvert that opened into a large chamber

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Errwood reservoir outflow

Decided to get the ropes out today and climb down :)

It's about 12 foot high and the same wide, imagine flo selecta without the slightly interesting inflow and your there

Stood in water this was not what I wanted to see

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Erwood Culvert

Originally I was going for the outflow from the Erwood Reservoir spillway but the water in the pool at the end was deep and the walls are 10 foot high, With a busted wrist I'm not getting the rope out!



I'll get it once my wrist is better :D

Stood on the wall I saw water movement on the reservoir further along and decided to have a look

The outflow had some deep water so was a no go but after being beaten once today I wasn't going to let it rest.

following what I imagined to be the path of the culvert I found the inflow :)

It's a short brick arched culvert that's about 100 ft in length but it's still a small victory and rescued the day from being a total waste

I'll go back for the big outflow from the reservoir in about 6 weeks