Thursday, 1 September 2011

Erwood Culvert

Originally I was going for the outflow from the Erwood Reservoir spillway but the water in the pool at the end was deep and the walls are 10 foot high, With a busted wrist I'm not getting the rope out!



I'll get it once my wrist is better :D

Stood on the wall I saw water movement on the reservoir further along and decided to have a look

The outflow had some deep water so was a no go but after being beaten once today I wasn't going to let it rest.

following what I imagined to be the path of the culvert I found the inflow :)

It's a short brick arched culvert that's about 100 ft in length but it's still a small victory and rescued the day from being a total waste

I'll go back for the big outflow from the reservoir in about 6 weeks

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