Thursday, 28 July 2011

Holme Bank chert mine

Holme Bank chert mine was worked from c.1800 up to 1960. There are extensive workings, notable for the large packwalls used to support the roof after the chert beds had been removed. The last company to operate the mine (Smiths Runners) also manufactured davie blocks for building, and continued to do so on site up to about 1995. Much of the surface plant is still on site.

This one has been on the list for a while and it has been way too hot today so the best way to cool down is to head underground.
I didn't expect the entry to be so easy so I took a few pics of the surface structures first while waiting for someone to turn up, after a five minutes I headed in.

The first large chamber splits into 3 tunnels so with only having an hour before having to head home I chose the middle tunnel.

I'll be heading back soon when I have more time for a full explore :)

Dodgy lighting :(

Time to go

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