Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Hanging Flat Mine

I'll start this report with a question, Why are people always shagging when I pop my head up out of a hole in the ground?

Hanging Flat has an tight entrance down a mud slide so not a good start but once inside it opens out to about 6 - 7 foot height, There are fake boulders all over from an old doctor who episode which was the start of a strange mine.

Walking down the mine splits left and right with a rusted milk churn and digger scoop on the right and a fairly easy walk on the left.

I headed down on the left to the end which was un-eventful besides the mine cart.

The right was dodgy, there were signs of a recent roof collapse towards the end so I decided to head out.

The exit is an arse ache, crawling up a mud bank with the roof a foot from the floor with a bag and two cameras is not fun, once I got out a car and a van were parked up with the occupants going at it in the van

Pics below as always

Bit of an unusual find in a mine

A mine cart

A digger scoop wtf?

This is the voice of the mysterones

Then I come out to find people shagging AGAIN!

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