Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Colliery and Mine

I'm not going to give away where this is on a public site as it took me ages to dig the mine entrance out enough that I could crawl in.

Initially I headed over to see the quarry and colliery but after walking around I noticed the top of a brick arch that was begging to be investigated.

After shifting a few rocks I could see in and it opened out right behind where it had been filled in, 30 minutes and a few rocks and slabs later and I had enough room to slide in :thumb

I wasn't expecting to head underground so I only had my headlamp and a torch on me :( so I didn't get many pics in the mine.

anyway on with the pics

The white coating on the walls glistened like it was metallic

I couldn't find any signs of these rocks falling from the roof or walls so I pressed on

After walking/stooping for 30 minutes I decided to head out until I had more light

I marked the spot with a lonely candle

I then decided to walk over to the colliery

This was as narrow as it looked but it gave access to the tower

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