Saturday, 20 August 2011

Jamrag culvert and drain

After looking it seems no one else has been down this culvert and connecting drains so by the power vested in me i now pronounce you Jamrag culvert and drain!

I needed to go to Morrisons for a baccy so decided to pop down the culvert that runs next to it, after an eight foot climb down embankment ( I took rope ) I was face to face with the first drain which I decided not to head down as I was clearly visible from the car park

It's only a small culvert and has a distinct lack of features.

Almost at the end of the culvert there was a drain, it was large enough for me to crawl down so before I had thought about it I was about 5 foot inside.

This is where the smell of crap hit me and the jamrag was hanging taunting me with it's filth

At the end there was a sluice gate that I'm glad was closed

I though I had a way out but the cover wouldn't budge

I ended up heading back up the river to the rope, I decided to leave the first drain until I forget the smell of the other drain.

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